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It’s all about plump, soft and kissable lips - so how do you prep your pout for the must-have colour of the season?

We always want our lips to stay moisturised and soft; but sometimes it can be tricky during the ever changing weather or when we have our on-trend super matte lipsticks on. So how do you maintain a touchably silky pout all year round? Here’s where we come in…

We have waved our magic wands here at Ciaté and created our Magic Pout Potion to attend to all of your lip needs!

Magic Pout Potion

This special multiple-targeted lip primer is formulated to give long-lasting, smooth and hydrated lips. Not only that; this clever product also works to plump up your lip volume too, whilst providing a perfect matte base for your favourite lipstick to help it stay in place all night long!

What we love about this creamy, velvety lip primer is that it enhances the look and feel of ANY existing lip products, making it your new makeup bag must-have to accompany you wherever you go and whatever lip look you choose to wear.

Simply apply to clean, dry lips and allow to set for 30 seconds. Apply your lipstick on top (we recommend Liquid Velvet) and behold! Wonderfully kissable lips. You’re welcome.

With Love

Ciaté London is the home of Beauty Unexpected. We push the boundaries with innovative makeup formulations and iconic nail products.

Our products are creative and beautiful, from the world’s first transforming matte to glitter lipstick Glitter Flip and the pigment rich metallic Astrolights eyeshadow palettes to complexion enhancers such as beauty editor favourite Dewy Stix highlighting balm.

What’s more, we are proud to be PETA certified and cruelty free, plus most of our products are vegan.

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