Q&A with Christine Quinn

Q&A with Christine Quinn

Ever since the binge-worthy Netflix series Selling Sunset burst onto our screens in 2019, Christine Quinn has become an icon of empowerment, confidence and serious style. Now this autumn Christine is bringing her ambitious personality and signature sass to this one-of-a-kind cosmetics collaboration.


Why did you want to work Ciaté?

I was so excited to work with Ciaté cosmetics because it’s a female-run brand. I mean Charlotte is incredible at everything that she does and I’m just so excited to be a part of such a great brand. I always have been in love with the brand, I knew about it and own products before, so when they reached out to me I knew it was just the perfect relationship. So I’m thrilled and honoured to be a part of this collection!


So you have 5 minutes to do your makeup, which products do you reach for?

First of all, I don’t usually do my own makeup these days! But if I had to, the five products I would love would be mascara, because I love to make my eyes pop, definitely a good plumping lipgloss is key, and I always love a good shimmery bronzer, I’m all about the No Filt-her which you can see I’m wearing. It gives this gorgeous sunkissed glow and if I were to do my own makeup in under 5 minutes, that would be my routine!


What’s your go-to eye look for everyday boss-bitch glam?

My go-to eye look for everyday boss-bitch glam is, I love to highlight my brow bone. So I’ll go in using a lighter colour on the nude scale, which happens to be Yasss Queen, how perfect?! And then I love to fill it in with a good pop of glitter/shimmer which is absolutely why I love Sugar Momma, ironically, of course I would love that one! Also, I have loved their stamp and drag eyeliner forever, I think it’s a great tool to get a perfect angle to do your eyeliner, that thick wing and as they say, the higher the wing, the closer to the heavens and I just so happen to look like an angel today so it’s perfect. 


Your red lip is your signature, do you have any tips to achieve the perfect red lip?

I am known for my signature red lip, and it’s not an easy look to achieve but I’m going to tell you exactly how I do it. I go in with my Cash Fetish Lip Cream, emphasise my cupid's bow and then go over with my plumping lip gloss which is INCREDIBLE because I love a good plump lip. Also, I named it Villain, so perfect! Love that name. And then what I love to do is I love a good shimmer, I wear it on my body, I wear it on my face. This is the No Filt-her highlighter, I’ll go in on my cupid's bow, add a little bit of highlighter there and on the tip of my nose just to add the perfect glow to finish off my red lip. 


What is the one product you will always find in your handbag?

The one product you will always find in my handbag is a plumping lipgloss, I love a good plumping lipgloss and cannot go anywhere without it! I love my colour Villain, whether it’s underneath lipstick or alone, it’s the perfect colour for everyday use. It’s always in my purse. That and my husband’s credit card.


What are your words to live by?

I have so many words to live by which is why I was so excited to include all of those in my eyeshadow palette. Some of the words I live by, of course, are Yass Queen, one of my favourites and That’s Fierce. Also, I love feeling like a good Vixen, which is just an amazing feeling. Also, sometimes people call me a little shady, so shady, but who cares, I love to gossip so I love a good Tea Time and I would just say overall, it’s Karma bitch. 

Christine Quinn