Tired eyes be gone! 🍉👀🍉

Tired eyes be gone! 🍉👀🍉

What are they?

Refreshing watermelon hydrogel patches that boost hydration and smooth fine lines in only 15 minutes

How does it work?

These patches contain a host of active skincare ingredients to help your delicate under-eyes

Refreshing, revitalising, brightening watermelon extract

Vitamins B3 and E helps even skin tone and provides antioxidants

Collagen firms skin

Niacinamide helps visibly smooth skin

Witch hazel extract brightens

Who are they suitable for?

Anyone who wants brighter, refreshed under-eyes!

They’re 100% fragrance free so work really well for sensitive skin too.

Plus these are 100% vegan and always cruelty free.

Where and when should I use them?

Anywhere and anytime! Apply first thing in the morning to reduce puffiness, before a night out to prep skin for concealer or after a long day for a relaxing boost of hydration for tired eyes.