Melt Away The Day

Melt Away The Day

Makeup Melter

There’s nothing like taking your make-up off after a long day, and now we have the ultimate removal product to help you do just that! Stubborn mascara? Or lipstick that just won’t budge? We have just the thing…

Now you can melt away the day with our new Makeup Melter. A fragrance free balm to oil formula infused with nourishing Murumuru Butter. This unique composition is kind to skin with essential fatty acids and Vitamin E making even stubborn-to-remove make-up a breeze to wipe away!


For the best results….

  • Use fingertips to gently massage over dry skin
  • Watch your make-up dissolve away
  • Wash away the balm with a warm water using a damp cloth for added skin benefits

This formula will easily remove make-up from your lids, lashes and lips, and deeply yet gently cleanse the skin without stripping away natural facial oils. Leaving you with beautifully soft and nourished clean skin just before bed – perfect!